New Trustees

The Trust is very pleased to announce that our Secretary Cameron McGregor and Treasurer Carl Pullen have been appointed as Trustees.

This important role ensures that the Trust caries out its purposes for the public benefit and for the purposes for which it is set up. Trustees ensure compliance with the law and ensure that the money that is donated to us is spent in the best interests of the charity and accountably, including making our annual filings with the Charity Commission, and ensure that the Trust is not exposed to undue risk.

Cameron explained, “Having been an active member of the Trust for many years and, more recently,  becoming more involved in its Management Committee (ultimately taking on the role of Secretary), I felt that it was time for me to step into a Trustee role. This was with a view to helping to improve coordination between the Trustees and the Committee, as well as the Trust as a whole, in an effort to improve our profile with members and externally. Ultimately this will, I hope, help the Trust continue its important work in keeping the Endeavour's story alive and relevant in today's world.”

We are very happy that Cameron and Carl have agreed to take on this role which will help steer the Endeavour Trust through any choppy waters ahead.

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