A Model of Excellence

Jimmy Waters wrote to us after the recent Summer Reception at Osbornes - which he reported enjoying very much and noted Endeavour looked absolutely splendid (he lamented the fact that wife Barbara hadn't brought her camera to capture some shots of her dressed overall) - to give us an update about Endeavour's model replica, which we've featured before.

"We were out at Maldon this morning (21st June) and Endeavour behaved perfectly, though we are worried that transporting her along the ridiculous roads these days could end with damage." The model Endeavour is carried in a case with polystyrene buffers that hold her steady at an angle of 45 degrees, but as Jimmy noted, it wasn't built to protect a delicate model that goes airborne when the car hits one of the many craters on the rural roads! "I could hear the polystyrene squeak every time we caught a pothole!" he said.

Barbara has been making elastic straps to go across the deck in a bid to hold her fast. The mast currently needs sorting out as the boom yoke has now twice become jammed under the sail rings on the mast. Jimmy believe this happens when the mast is thrown up in the air during rough transport as it lays at 45 degrees while in the box.

Here's some shots of the mini-Endeavour in action at Maldon.

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