A Nice Guesture

More and more of us opt for cremation when we pass on, and we have been pleased to meet with the last wishes of some friends.

Five or six years ago Trevor Noakes and his wife had been treated to a trip on Endeavour by their daughter to celebrate their 80th birthdays. Recently, we were only too pleased to grant their wishes that their ashes were scattered in the Thames Estuary from the boat.

We were only too pleased to fulfil Trust member, Bill Clarkson’s, wish for his ashes to be scattered at sea when Bill’s wife Doreen approached us.

On each of these occasions relatives and friends were also on board as the ashes were passed over the side on the falling tide, with suitable expressions of fond memories expressed.

We are pleased that we are able to help families in this way and take this opportunity to thank them for their generous donations in support of the Trust’s work in the community.

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