Artists on Board

Endeavour is fast approaching Mary Amelia’s port side
Thursday 31st July saw Endeavour leave Leigh with artists Susan Willis, Barry Andrews and Alan Hockitt aboard in tandem with Osborne’s Mary Amelia with David Hurrell on board. David’s mission was to take some photographs of Endeavour under full sail and then to capture her in a murky, wintery sea, with a Hallelujah shining a puddle of light upon her sails for a watercolour painting. The Trust could have full use of the painting by way of prints including for the 2014 Christmas card.

We are grateful to Osborne Bros. for facilitating the trip and, in particular, Mary Amelia’s skipper, Andrew Lawrence.

Alan took some great photographs of Mary Amelia and many close ups on board Endeavour and is happy that these can be used by the Trust and Osborne Bros.

Susan, Barry and Alan so enjoyed their time aboard that they all signed up for membership!

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