Classic Boat Rally - Anne Hinton van’t Hof

Finlay, Rob Everitt, Brum, Paul and Jeremy with the
new Container Port’s gigantic cranes in the background
Friday 12th September was another beautiful day to motor up the Thames from Canvey to join the other historic ships in St. Katharine docks in the centre of London.  A really unique opportunity to view the estuary coastline from the water, point out landmarks, learn about the history along the river and take endless photographs as we sailed up river.

The swell from some of the larger vessels created a few hairy moments where we had to cling onto the deck, (not try and sit on a stool as I found out to my cost!).

Coming alongside at St Katherine docks
It was noticeable how the wildlife changed depending on the levels of industry.  Absolutely fascinating morning and afternoon and we were treated to a raising of Tower Bridge as we sat outside St. Katharine’s dock.  Once inside the dock we moored alongside some of the other Dunkirk Little Ships and were invited on board to have a look inside the boats. This was another bonus to the trip and I enjoyed hearing about the history and the stories.

Another thoroughly enjoyable day and many thanks to Paul and his first mate ‘Brum’ who gave us another great trip out on the Endeavour.

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