Commemorative Return to Dunkirk 2015

The purpose of the return is unashamedly that of a commemoration of those who took part in Operation Dynamo and other related operations in May and June 1940. As well as the many thousands of British, French and other Allied troops who fought and died on our behalf, the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships, who organise the return, would like our 2015 return to especially commemorate the many thousands of French civilians who suffered great depravations and loss of life as a result of the Nazi invasion. It is hoped the theme of commemoration will underlie all we will do during this event. As in 2010 the departure point for the return will be Ramsgate.

We anticipate a departure date from Leigh to Ramsgate of Tuesday 19th May with a departure date from Ramsgate to Dunkirk of Thursday 21st May. The trip back to Ramsgate is scheduled for Monday 25th.

We are planning to participate again next year in ‘Ostend at Anchor’, scheduled between 28th and 31st May.

There will be opportunities for members to take part in some or all of these voyages and more information will follow in subsequent newsletters.

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