The Late Ron Frasle

In July a crowded St. Clements church bid farewell to one of the characters of Leigh – Ron Frasle.

Ron was the owner of Leigh Marina, which was where Endeavour was built, and is still known to many of us as Johnson & Jago.

From the first time Endeavour returned to Leigh Ron was extremely generous in providing space ashore and afloat, lifting her from one to the other, and enabling her to stay in the Marina in the winter – all without charge to us.

On behalf of all of us Mike expressed our thoughts to his family, "Ron was a man who was very straightforward in his views, so we knew exactly how he felt on every issue – a talent that is all too rare these days". Mike last saw him in March when he attended a meeting to discuss possible improvements to the waterfront. He was obviously very ill but participated fully and made some forceful points appreciated by everyone present. R.I.P.

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